Spring seems to be one of the most popular seasons for portraits, and what’s not to love? You have gorgeous lighting, beautiful budding scenery, and tons of beautifully colored flowers. If you are in need of some inspiration for our upcoming sessions, consider some of these ideas.

Use the 65 Degree Weather to Your Advantage

One of my favorite things about Spring sessions is that I am not as limited by heat or lighting as I would be in the summer months. Your clients won’t have to worry about terrible humidity making their hair frizzy or sweating through their clothes because the temperature is so cool – but not so cool to cause goose bumps.

Newborns and Maternity Sessions are Amazing

Nothing compliments the womanliness of an expectant mother like lush blossoming scenery. Take your maternity sessions to the local park, find a field of blooming wild flowers, and try the local botanical gardens.

Have your momma wear something feminine and flowing, have her hold flowers and look down sentimentally at her baby bump (or even her newborn!). You can really create some stunning portraits like this! Try posing your newborns on a blanket in a basket outside surrounded by beautiful greenery. If the you’re photographing a baby girl, maybe pick some flowers and circle them around the basket or pose her so it looks like she is holding them.

Boys can be Great Too!

For sessions with little boys, you can use props like a swing or a mini lawn mower to create some fun shots. Try incorporating sister holding a bunch of flowers while brother kisses her on the cheek, or show them walking away holding hands or whispering a secret in each other’s ears.

Families will Look Spectacular

Plan to meet your family clients outside at the local park or botanical garden to create breath-taking images. Usually I advise my families to avoid being “matchey-matchey”, but I have found that the family wearing all white tends to be really crisp against the bright green scenery.

You can create some fun interactive images with the family this way as well. Have mom hold one of the kids hands while dad has the other on his shoulders.